– Get ready for an intimate and powerful 2 days –

2 days of releasing what has been holding you back, overcoming fears and setting the foundations for co-creating a life that brings you true & deep fulfillment.

Saturday 17th June

10am – 4pm

Sunday 18th June

10am – 4pm


We all deserve the right to feel the most incredible love and appreciation for ourselves…

– yet this is not something that society allows to come naturally to us so we don’t know where to start…

This is your chance to awaken to your truest truth…

– to recognise the value that you bring to the world and that everything you have every desired to be has always been a part of you.

…when you quit letting your ego bullying you into believing that this is not true…

– that you are not good enough or worthy of something that feels truly aligned and quite frankly magical.

This is all easier said than done though – and yes – many of us, even with the very best of intentions, find it difficult to navigate the path to this place alone.

We can thank our beautiful ego for this one!

That annoying little voice is very persuasive at keeping us in a place where we stay small, and avoid taking action towards our dreams – often telling us the worse case scenario before we even begin!


‘I am not good enough to do this’

‘Who do I think I am? This will never work for me!’

‘This is only going to end in tears,

I might as well give up whilst I am ahead’…

The inner bullying goes on and on – and this my gorgeous friend, is the reason why we often self-sabotage ourselves, over and over again.

The good news is that it is possible to discern the voice of your ego to that of your intuition/heart/spirit. Once you learn how to do this – and you also realise that your fear is actually your in-built guiding beacon – your whole entire world gets a truly wonderous makeover.

We just need someone to SHOW US HOW.

Hi Lovely, I’m Liz Gallagher

and i’m so excited to be your host for WILD MAJIK!

I work with clients all over the world to align with their soul-path (BEFORE they ‘feel’ they are ready) & the flow of Universal Love (aka our true abundant birthright) – all whilst being a homeschooling mumma to two little earth warriors.

Clients are often guided to me in part due to a energetic modality  I have developed where I am able to facilitate deep and permanent healing from pain, trauma, fear and many things in between.

I have a pretty cool gift of being able to intuitively hone in on what my clients need, and a loving way of pushing people outside of their comfort zone so that they can step into the person that their soul came here to experience.

I have a passion for awakening others to their intuition and showing how to connect deeply with spirit, introducing them to a life-long inner guide for navigating through life’s ups and downs.

Though most of all I LOVE teaching the art of Gratitude & Co-Creation with spirit (think supercharged heart-aligned manifesting)

I am excited to hold your hand on this journey!


Level 1 – Awakening to Your Worth

This is the beginning of the journey to a life of real joy, happiness and fulfillment.

When building anything new, it is important to do the following:

  1. GET CLARITY: Get a Crystal Clear vision of what you would like to create + Identify what obstacles may be in the way
  2. PREPARE: Do the necessary Clearing + Cleaning
  3. ALIGN: Shift your Mindset + Align yourself with this Path
  4. BEGIN CO-CREATING: Lay down strong foundations, Take Inspired Action + Maintain Focus


It is essential that these four steps are followed in this order and this is exactly what we will be doing together in Level 1 of Wild Majik!

  • You will be taken through a beautiful exercise where you will uncover the core reasons behind why are not truly happy with your life up until this point.
  • You will  then un-earth what it is that you really want & what it is that will truly bring you joy and deep fulfillment
  • You will be guided on a meditation journey to the point in time where this is already your reality and uncover what needs to be cleared for this to manifest into your life.

  • You will be led through an energetic process to clear all of these things at the soul-level, releasing trauma and past emotional wounds

  • You will learn how to discern the voice of your intuition over the voice of your ego – and be shown tools to strengthen your inner guidance and maintain a positive mindset as you align with your path.

  • You will learn how to use unconditional love to heal many situations + how to ask spirit and the Universe for help to keep you in alignment and in the flow.

  • You will be shown how to lay down strong foundations with key powerful (yet simple) gratitude, manifesting and self-love tools that actually work!
  • You will walk away with a specific spiritual practice that you will implement when you leave the retreat and go back into the ‘real-world.

Indulge in Organic Bliss-filled Raw Food Snacks throughout the day…

Lunch is not provided, though there will be a beautiful Fruit Platter to supplement what you bring to eat for lunch.

You will receive access to a dedicated FB Group so that you can be kept accountable as you implement your the things you have learnt into your life after the weekend.

You will also get access to me inside so that I may support you through the things that may pop up on your journey.

Guests not on FB will we still receive the same benefits through email.

Level 2 – ‘Elevating your life to the next level’


Level 3 – ‘Mastering Co-Creation’

will be held later on in 2017 for those of you who are excited to take the next step in this amazing journey!

(Discounts will apply to those who attend Level 1)

 Soulistic Living was intuitively guided to me from spirit as the most perfect location for this deep energetic and life reboot for us all over the two days – once you experience this place in real life you will understand why!

Upon your arrival, you will follow the majestic pathway that meanders through the edges of the rainforest down to the entrance of the studio.

Here you will be captivated upon entering as you pass the Himalayan salt bricks and  blissful water feature in the reception area.

Surrounded by lush rainforest, the studio stacker doors open up to a billabong, the home to all sorts of amazing native animals.

The views alone will elevate your consciousness and begin the healing journey before our  work together even begins. 

 Soulistic Living was intuitively guided to me from spirit as the most perfect location for this deep energetic and life reboot for us all over the two days – once you experience this place in real life you will understand why!


COST: $333.00


I’m Liz Gallagher – a Happiness Coach, Metaphysical Teacher, Intuitive Healer and your spiritual guide for this journey.

Ironically it was a series of traumatic events outside of my control that ultimately forced me to find the courage to jump head first into the unknown…

That place turned out to be more amazing and supportive than I could have ever imagined.

I live on an rainforest acreage on the Sunshine Coast with my husband Steve, two kiddies – Malakai and Lily, our white fluffball Eli.

I literally dreamed this magical place into existence – right down to the tree lined driveway! My best manifestation yet!

It is my biggest wish and as I have learnt – my ‘purpose’ to share my learnings with the world in a way that feels ethically right to me and feeds my soul – instead of my ego.

I have Infinite Gratitude for where I am and what I have learnt and I am bursting at the seams to humbly share this information with you.