It’s time to co-create your dream business!

Whether you currently have your own conscious business or have decided that you are going to JUMP and follow the calling of your heart/spirit/God – I am here to hold your hand as together we align you with your purpose.

I offer single Business Coaching Sessions as well as Weekly Accountability Packages depending on what you require.

I have been in business for the last 8 years and I have built every part of my little biz world myself.

From websites, to sales and marketing funnels, branding, social media and email marketing to running retreats, workshops, webinars – I have literally researched and implemented most products in the online industry.

With over 12 years graphic design experience and many years working in corporate media,  I have bucketloads of epic branding goodness to share with you.

The cool part is that after spending many tens of thousands of dollars on coaching, trainings, online courses – I have created a signature way to share your gifts without selling your soul in the process.

This all started 12 months ago when I got a new business partner, The Universe (I call her my Chief Majikal Officer – aka CMO) and I can’t wait to share her with you!

Since working with my CMO as the head of my business, I was guided to implement conscious alignment style of attraction marketing and WOAH did my business take a quantum leap!

When you work with me, I will guide you on exactly how I work with my CMO and you will receive a daily practice that will connect you with her/him in a morning business ritual meeting.

This is the new way of business in alignment with what your heart desires, which it turns out is part of a bigger picture.

By following this path you actually become a vital piece of the puzzle in the grand plan of Mother Earth – raising our vibration and the collective consciousness.

Pretty epic hey – let’s press play on this together.

I am with you all the way lovely!


– INTUITIVE BUSINESS COACHING on all areas of Business,
Majikal Money Management + Shining your Light.

– How to Start an Online Business, from domain names to hosting, All things
Websites, Email Marketing setup & everything in between.

– Custom Website Design – CLICK HERE

– Copy Writing (Grammar nerd from way back!)

– Hosting Online and In-person Events, Workshops and Webinars

– Hosting Glamorous Retreats

– Online Coaching Setup : Online Booking Software +
Zoom Video Conferencing Integration

– Guidance on Opt-in Offers + List Building

– Creating, Editing & Uploading Videos + Audio
(Including Guided Meditations)

– Marketing and Sales Funnels

– Social Media Branding Design + Marketing

– Graphic Design – from Bus Cards to Ebooks, Website &
FB Banners and so on.

– Guidance on How to Stay in Alignment with your

Oh and P.S. as a former Personal Trainer I have a pretty cool gift of being able to radically inspire and motivate you to get shit done by lovingly kicking your butt.

No more excuses, it’s time to get out of your own way!


$222 – 90 Minute Business Coaching Session

$888 – One Month Business Coaching + Mentoring Package

Mentoring, Coaching and Healing on all areas relating to life, money, love, manifesting and spirituality.

It’s time to write a new script.

I will help you to co-create the most epic life where you feel really good, know that you are worthy & actually start living those big creative dreams of yours!

We do this together in 4 steps:


I ask questions and then listen to what you are saying externally AND vibrationally. This is a special haven where you get to be really honest, sharing your REALNESS so that we can get clarity on what you are craving – or what you want to let go of so that you can FEEL REALLY REALLY GOOD!


I talk directly with your subconscious to identify the past event/borrowed stories that are keeping you in a holding pattern unable to move forward (ie in your way).


I guide you through my signature releasing process that is a winning combination of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, Mind Detox and Energetic Healing.

I have used this method 1000’s of times to deeply and very quickly take the emotional charge out traumatic moments in your life – releasing you from the past hurts permanently.

So powerful! When these past events are emotionally neutralised you will quite often experience instant relief PLUS start to see that things fall into place for you moving forward.


From here we begin writing the script for your life together. I will send you a guided meditation that will take you through a beautiful visioning process to meet your future self.   

This full sensory experience will allow you to realise what lies majik is waiting for you, what the Universe wants to co-create with you and most importantly – what your next step is.

After the meditation, you will be guided to complete a beautiful exercise to anchor your future reality into the now – the most powerful part in the whole process.

You will be guided to implement simple daily practices that will radically transform your mindset, abundance and even cause miracles to show up!


You will be provided with other amazing tools and daily practices that will keep you on track, grounded, feeling really really good, increase your abundance dramatically PLUS build a deep trust that the Universe is bringing to you everything that you require.

It’s time to stop just EXISTING and press play on your life.

I am here for you – as your NUMBER ONE cheerleader, coach and honestly just a girl who totally has your back.


In our FIRST session, we got through Steps 1-3 around the loudest problem in your life.

Then before our second session, you will complete the Illuminate Homework and start your daily practices in Step 4.

In the SECOND session we will first clear anything that has come up using Steps 1-3 again. I then offer guidance on what you require next and we set new homework for your next steps, keeping on track towards your goals.

In the THIRD session we again clear anything that has come up using Steps 1-3, I offer guidance and mentoring and together we co-create a plan for you to keep you in complete alignment.  Then it’s time to spread your wings and let the Universe/God (whoever you resonate with) become your spiritual and life advisor.

In between sessions I offer unlimited email communication and guidance.


$555 (payment plan available)

Price includes 3 x 90 min Story Changing Sessions.

Sessions to be scheduled 2 weeks apart.

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