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Press Play Mastermind: UNSTOPPABLE is an 8 WEEK VIP experience for female entrepreneurs who want a thriving business, financial security… AND most importantly, a deeply fulfilling life – all without the hustle.

Get ready to be taken on a journey of business MAJIK and spiritual alignment mixed with a healthy dose of business strategy.

– UN-LEARN everything that you have been told about entrepreneurship, success and abundance… and LEARN the MAJIKAL way of doing business

– STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF as you fully jump into your business, share your MAJIK and actually make the money you deserve

– BELIEVE in your core that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and worthy of your dreams coming true

I will walk you through the steps to…

– transform almost every area of your life from the inside out with a simple daily 15 min process

– become a magnet for money and good stuff (seriously – I will teach you how to become the luckiest person you know)

– get REALLY clear on exactly what it is that you want in life and make this NON-NEGOTIABLE

– discover the simply way to write your dream life into reality (both myself and my clients are proof this works!!)

– be consistent with showing up on social media and actually get the engagement you want

– successfully manage your business, create majikal sales funnels and become well respected in your industry

– build a thriving email list of loyal tribe members who are craving you to serve them

– monetise your ‘Life’s Work’ immediately – starting with the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ to get income rolling in

– create your Customer’s Majikal Journey, mapping out the exact process from when a client finds you to when they purchase your products or services

– set up the systems for managing your business financials easily and with JOY

You know it’s time to let go of the shame of shining your light, fully step into your power and share your gifts – all as you allow yourself to receive!


Not only will you be shown exactly how to create the abundant business and life that up until now part of you didn’t BELIEVE was possible for YOU, you will have UNLIMITED access to me during the whole time to keep you accountable!


You will be guided through a beautiful and powerful process, un-earthing the blueprint of your life and business, then activating this deeply within. When this has been activated, you will literally experience what can only be described as daily miracles in your life!


You will be lovingly pushed to show up on social media CONSISTENTLY and in a way that connects deeply with your tribe. You will also be guided to a simple process to use the Law of Attraction to grow your existing fan base.


In addition to our weekly Group Coaching and private sessions, you will have unlimited access to me via SMS and the VOXER app, which turns your phone into a walkie talkie! So if you need a little coaching in between our sessions, I am only a button press away. You can also schedule 15-20 min phone chats if you need extra guidance.


Learn the majikal system for RAPIDLY IMPLEMENTING those big ideas that come to you – almost as fast as they appear. Watch in amazement as everything you need is effortlessly magnetised to you… PLUS I will personally reward you with prizes when you follow through! WINNING!


Completely overhaul how you manage your business and finances and implement a majikal system that will forever change how you view money. You will be walked through exact process that I use to create massive abundance each month on my own business – plus I will teach you how to use forecasting with the Big Universe to reach your money goals.


Did I mention that you get your very own SISTERHOOD? Get ready to experience the most incredible connections with a very small group of other ladies who are on this journey with you. You will meet the most beautiful women who will become your online besties in business and life – no more feeling isolated! We’ve all got you babe!

Above all else, by joining Press Play Mastermind: Unstoppable you will energetically unlock the most infinite power within you and ACTUALLY use those powers!

I can pretty much guarantee that you would never have experienced anything like this before. Everything that I have come to know for certain, everything that I KNOW WORKS will become your knowledge.

It’s time for you to press play on the life you know you are meant to live!

Every single thing in your life right now is a delayed image of your past behaviours, actions and subconscious patterns – ie. what you have done, believed and FELT in the past has created your current reality.


The amount of money in your bank account, the state of your relationships, how busy or quiet your business is, your current health….

In simpler terms, your current life has been built upon the BLUEPRINT that you created previously – most often unconsciously – based on your past thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

All you need to do is GET CONSCIOUS and take responsibility for your own life and change your blueprint – then everything changes!

You literally have the power to have the business of your dreams, the amount of money you want, to become the happy, confident, successful and abundant female entrepreneur that you have been hoping is within you somewhere.

‘The secret of all power, all success, all riches, is in first thinking powerful thoughts, successful thoughts, and thoughts of wealth, of supply. We must build them in our mind first’ Richard Collier

You have everything you need right now within you to become UNSTOPPABLE, you simply need to know how to activate this so that you believe it and BECOME this at your identity level.

I promise it is actually easier than it seems – and I will break it down step by step as I show you EXACTLY how to achieve what you want and then some!

THE REAL SECRET LIES IN BEING CONSISTENT – I find most people give up right before they see the miraculous turn around!


Weekly Mastermind Coaching Video Calls

Held over 90 mins via Zoom + accessible on all devices.

In these sessions we will go deep, focusing on what you need help with the most (ie energetic healing to move you past something you are stuck on / advanced business strategy guidance / marketing planning and so on!)

You will have access to a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP AREA where you can watch all of the call replays.


Weekly Tech Video Calls

In these sessions we actually IMPLEMENT the tech you need for your business together!

I will meet you where you are at – delivering tech training on your specific needs.

Training Topics will be ALL THINGS WEBSITES and ONLINE BUSINESS which could include:

– Fully Functional Sales Funnels / Email Marketing

– Setting up an E-Course

– Selling your first products

– Hosting Webinars

– Setting up your One-on-One Coaching Business or even creating your first Group Coaching Program.

Whatever you require, I have extensive experience in setting up all aspects of on online business both in my own business and with my clients.

Whatever you need to create your Turn-Key Abundant & Thriving Business – I will walk you through the processes STEP BY STEP so you can start earning an income ASAP!

You will be amazed at what you can achieve in 8 weeks under my mentoring!


2 x 1:1 Private Business Coaching Sessions worth $750!


Step by Step Fillable Worksheets, Print-outs, planners, recorded meditations + other tools that will help you on your journey – all housed in a SEXY PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP AREA.


Unlimited access to me via SMS and the VOXER app, which turns your phone into a walkie talkie!

So if you need a little coaching in between our sessions, I am only a button press away.

You can also schedule 15-20 min phone chats if you need extra guidance.


BONUS free access to THE MAJIKAL MONEY SYSTEM (Value $199)

Pave the way to Financial Freedom in just 30 Days!


The Press Play Mastermind: Unstoppable will run over EIGHT WEEKS starting Wednesday 10th July.

Coaching Calls (90mins) will be at 10.00am every Wednesday morning, Tech Calls (60 mins) will be every Friday morning at 10.00am.

Session days/times can be changed to better suit everyone if required.

All sessions will be recorded in case you can’t attend LIVE.

$1500 paid in full (save $250)

Payment Plan

3 Monthly Payments of $599

If you have any questions, please send me an email HERE.

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