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Are you ready to take things to the next level in your business?

You can feel that it’s time to…

– attract the most incredible tribe

– share your gifts, your message and your light!

– be consistent with showing up

– give your business the energy and intention it deserves

It’s time to equip yourself with the tech knowledge of how to package up your gifts and share them with the world


take your money story to a whole other level

Perhaps you have a good foundation and an idea of where you are going,
though you would love the support for this next part of your journey.


You would love to learn how to package your gifts and share them online – whether on social media or on your website (ie FB Live, blogs, youtube, mailing lists, sales pages and more)

You would like weekly intuitive (and REAL) guidance on all areas of your life – from running a conscious business to family, relationships, money and everything in between.



You know that you could reach your goals faster if you had someone telling you what steps to take as well as hold you accountable as you ACTUALLY do the work.

You have fallen in love with the idea of having a wicked tribe – a SISTERHOOD who always have your backĀ  – cheering you on as you step outside of your comfort zone.



You would like someone who has walked the path before you to shine a light on what is and isn’t necessary when uplevelling your business online.

You are ready to take your entire life and business to a whole new MAJIKAL level – think Quantum Leaps and Next Level Meditation/Healing Techniques



You would like someone to hold your hand and cheer you on (oh and maybe super lovingly kick your ass a little if that’s what you need) as you take those crazy scary action steps.

Above all else, by joining the Press Play Mastermind you will get so much clarity on what you are here on this planet to do + you will be held accountable as you take the guided steps to follow through on this.

I will be shining a light on how (and coaching you) to successfully align with your purpose, share your message authentically and co-create with the Universe so that you can have a thriving business.

As your mentor on this journey, I will push you outside of your comfort zone, helping you to achieve so much more than you ever thought was possible – all whilst staying in alignment with your soul.

Get ready to experience the richness that life has to offer when you move through the fears and inertia to walk the incredibly rich and vibrant path of your soul.

  • Staying Aligned with your Purpose (what EXCITES you!!)
  • Packaging your ideas up to share with the world (without selling your soul)
  • Guidance to host a Group Coaching Program (step by step from idea to sales page and beyond to the tech necessary to host this online)
  • Setting goals and aligning so that these are achieved with ease and joy
  • Tools to move through the blocks and upper limits as they come up – which they always do!
  • Money Management to ensure that abundance flows to you
  • Moving through Fears in a quick and easy way
  • Client Attraction
  • Non-Negotiable habits to ensure your success
  • Manifesting + Attracting what you require to you
  • Building + Nurturing your Tribe – sharing your fire with them in a consistent way

This will be a fluid and flowing mastermind and my sole intention is that you receive guidance for where you are at. Therefore each week will be crafted around what the group requires.

Weekly Mastermind Video Calls

Held over 90 mins via Zoom + accessible on all devices.

Each week there will be TWO Coaching Sessions to choose from – you can come to either depending on what suits you that week.

There will also be ONE Tech Session weekly – this is a PRACTICAL session where together we will be learning all things websites, sales pages + mailing lists.

You will have access to a replay page with all recordings


Print-outs, planners, recorded meditations + other tools that will help you on your journey

Round Two of the Press Play Mastermind will run over SIX WEEKS starting on Thursday 26th April.

Each week you can choose to attend either the Day or Evening Coaching Session PLUS the weekly Tech Session if you are ready for that step.


Evening Sessions

Thursday 26th April @ 7pm
Thursday 3rd May @ 7pm
Thursday 10th May @ 7pm
Thursday 17th May @ 7pm
Thursday 24th May@ 7pm
Thursday 31st May@ 7pm

Day Sessions

Sunday 29th April @ 10am
Sunday 6th May @ 10am
Sunday 13th May @ 10am
Sunday 20th May @ 10am
Sunday 27th May @ 10am
Sunday 3rd June @ 10am

Tech Sessions will be held every Friday at 10.00am – you can join these as soon as you feel ready.

All sessions will be recorded.

Session dates/times can be changed to better suit everyone if required.

$300 paid in full (save $96)


Previous PPM Member

$270 paid in full

Payment Plans

$66 per week

(over 6 weeks)


$44 per week

(over 10 weeks)

If you have any questions, please send me an email HERE.

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