It’s time to change your story

Many of you know my personal story with our Lily, I have shared about the scary label she was given not long after birth PLUS the ‘story’ that was handing to us dictating how her apparently short life would pan out on this earth.

According to the doctors and specialists – life was about to get harder for us and we were told to enjoy the first 12 months of her life because after this we would be in and out of hospital until she died at a young age. We were told that she would maybe live to 30 if we did EVERYTHING according to their books.

We were completely devastated – and let this story become our own for the first few month of Lil’s life.

Though something tapped me on the shoulder and whispered to me that it didn’t have to be this way.

As each day passed I started to wonder if Lily really did have what they were saying she had.

I went to healers, kinesiologists, medical mediums and they all confirmed what I was beginning to believe – either that she didn’t have it, or that things could be a different way and I had the power. to change it.

I asked my own inner knowing, journalling, using my pendulum, muscle testing – and it all confirmed what others had said.

So I took my power back.

I said no way, this was not how things were going to turn out for us, the old story of this label was not the life that was meant for Lily.

I rejected the idea that she would need to be in hospital, that she would need a feeding tube, that she would need more surgeries and that she would need to be on antibiotics constantly if she was to live past her teenage years.

I refused to believe that she was genetically broken.

So in that moment I decided to write a new story.

I put so much time and energy into changing this story and our family have experienced what can only be explained as a miracle – Lily is thriving.

All because I got brave, disciplined and chose to write a new script for her life.

We have had no hospital stays, no feeding tube (in fact Lily never stops eating which according to her specialist team is a miracle in itself), and no need for antibiotics.

I changed the handed down story and created our own one.

Anyone can do this – you don’t need to possess magical powers.

You just have to have the WILL to go deep, face the stories head on and then begin to write new ones.

Then you have to devote yourself DAILY to doing the work to make this your reality.

I am naturally very disciplined so I found this part easy – though I realised that most people don’t follow through for long enough to see the magic unfold.

So I have devoted the healing practice side of my business to doing exactly this – and I get to see my clients creating their own miracles every day! I don’t offer once off sessions anymore, instead I hold your hand through a detailed process over a 4 week period to ensure that you get the results your are looking for.

I am there to push you to the do things you find uncomfortable, and when you are creating a new story HOLY are there some uncomfortable moments.

Though the amount of resistance that you are feeling around changing is directly related to how epic your story is on the other side of this.

Whether you need to change your story around your health, money – or even your relationship with your partner, I can walk you through the exact process to do this – and begin to experience miraculous turn arounds in a short period of time.

I would be honoured to help you write your new script, to create your own epic story. You can book in a session with me using the below link:


Big love to you,

Liz x


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