It’s okay to change your mind

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Today I give you permission to change your mind, to walk away from that thing that you thought you wanted, committed to, promised… if it isn’t in alignment with you anymore.

My little family have recently changed our minds on a big decision – one that we had made thinking it was the right thing at the time and invested a whole heap of time and money into.

Yet right now it doesn’t feel like it is the right thing to do.

Sure we could do what we normally do, and follow through with it anyway – yet the energy on our Earth is commanding us to listen to our soul. To pay attention to the things that bring us into or out of alignment.

Whilst this decision does have the potential to be in alignment, it would take a huge amount of forcing and ‘making happen’ on our part.

So we have changed our minds, we don’t want to go the old way of forcing and making things happen.

More flow, less controlling. And holy does it feel light and FREE!!!

So now over to you – I give you permission to change your mind, to do what feels right and to do this even if you have been worried about letting people down.

Because the thing is, if you keep going along with that thing that no longer feels right – you will be letting down the most important person in this world. And that is you.

Big love,

Liz x

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